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For eyebrows that wow, begin by getting them in shape. If you can afford a professional help get it, but if not, you can use a tweezer at home and find out what shape works for you. Since the tweezer takes off one hair at a time, you can precisely create the eyebrow shape you desire.
Getting The Right Shape.
  1. Use a straight edged object (a pencil) and hold it vertically along the side of your nose so it reaches up to where your eyebrow starts (A). The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where it should naturally start.
  2. Use the pencil again, look straight ahead and line up the pencil with the center of your pupil. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your arch should naturally start (B).
  3. Hold the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye to the corner of your nose so it extends up over your eyebrow. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brow should end naturally (C).
  4. Repeat the steps for your other eye.
 Eyebrow arch measurements
Though women have different eyebrow shapes, no matter your shape, pencilling in an arch to your eyebrows works better than having them in a straight line. Also, remember not to take off too much hair. The goal is to get an arch to your eyebrows, not to remove all of your eyebrows.
Find the Right Products
  • Powders and waxes are good, but pencils are better because they are cheaper, easier to use, take less time to apply and stay on all day.
  • For dark hair use one or two shades lighter, and for lighter hair, go one or two shades darker.
  • Black or reddish eyebrow pencils are an absolute NO because they look severe and unnatural.
  • If your brow pencils are not the retractable ones, they must be precisely sharpened.
  • While you are using the brow pencil, ensure you use a spooly or an old clean mascara wand to distribute the product, especially at the beginning of the brow so they come out looking natural.
  • Use small strokes rather than drawing a straight severe line to prevent angry looking eyebrows.
Using Concealers Right 
The wrong concealer colour can mess up your brows. We suggest that you either use a concealer that is exactly your skin tone or one that is a shade lighter. Use a small precise angled brush or a small flat concealer brush to apply a small amount of the concealer, and then set the concealer with pressed powder to make it last all day. Only apply under the eyebrow, for a more natural look.
A Great Finish
To help the hairs stay in place, use an eyebrow gel. This step is optional, but it adds that extra wow factor to the eyebrows. You can either use clear mascara, one that is the same shade as your eyebrow pencil, or an eyebrow gel.