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14 Reasons why you Must Register for Miss Globe Queen 2018

14 Reasons why you Must Register for Miss Globe Queen 2018
1. Miss Globe Queen is not just a pageant but a Vision. “taking strides against Domestic violence ”
2. Miss Globe Queen is recognized & certified by over 85 Domestic violence awareness organization thus making Miss Globe Queens int’l Domestic violence Awareness Ambassadors
3. Miss Globe Queen is a Non-bikini pageant. We are committed to integrity and decency
4. Miss Globe Queen have no Room for discrimination or favoritism everybody is treated equally. Thus, Giving room to a FREE & FAIR Competition
5. Miss Globe Queen always stand the opportunity to attend the annual survive Awareness Award Nights in USA
6. All Miss Globe Queens are certified Domestic violence Awareness Ambassadors for Life (Anywhere & Anytime)
7. Miss Globe Queen welcomes Creativity nd legacy. we are not in Competition with any pageant. thus, we join hands with other visionary pageants to empower great ladies who will transform the society
8. We pride our Queens. We uphold integrity nd go against sexual immorality
9. Miss Globe Queen is one of the Most influential pageant in planet earth and with no disrespect the Only pageant with a clothing line. “Miss Globe wears”
10. Every miss Globe Queen will keep receiving Royalty fee from Miss Globe Wears even after 4years of reigning as a Queen
11. Starting from 2018 Miss Globe Queen will be placed on salary to enable the Queen facilitate her personal affairs
12. Miss Globe Queen organizers are strictly against sexual harassment, we bliv that every lady is a treasure
13. Miss Globe Queen is one of the pageants in planet earth that produces a Movie every year with der Queens. 2018/2019. Movie to kick-off August 2019
14. Miss Globe Queen organization is a Humble team… We bliv in hardwork nd constantly work hard to promote our Queens
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